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I started seeing Renata as I was experiencing problems within my relationship and was struggling to work out my next steps as I was nearing the end of my postgraduate degree. She was recommended to me by a friend and I was instantly put at ease when I first met her.

Renata explained the process of us working together and set very clear boundaries of how she could assist me. She was very professional throughout all of our sessions and supported me during a very difficult time, of which I’m very grateful for.

Renata gave me the tools I needed to take back control within my life and regain my focus so I felt that I had more direction with the path I was taking. She helped me find my self-worth and self-confidence again which enabled me to create a better life for myself.

I finally had the courage to do what was right for me which included ending my relationship and entering into a career which I find fulfilling and enjoyable. Without Renata I don’t think I would be were I am today and I continually use the skills that she taught me in times when life gets a little too hard.

K (Confidential) after Counselling Therapy


Years before I had started a transformational journey during which I felt the need to face my demons from my difficult childhood…then right before I found out about Renata offering counselling I was going through a rough and sudden breakup which again forced me to ask myself if I need a professional help trying to figure why certain things kept happening to me. I can say that in that very moment of me searching for professional help I was looking for myself, eager to find my truth and live in peace with myself once for all.

I might have felt strange at first, knowing that for the first time ever I was truly going to speak to someone so openly about what marked me for life…but after first moments of psychological distress I felt I was doing the right thing. 

Renata gave me the choice to start from the past or from the latest experiences, and I chose to start from the origin of my uneasiness. So I went far back to my childhood …so many painful memories, I also had to hold my head a couple of times as the burden of those memories felt unbearable at times. And Renata was so professional but also incredibly human at the same time to give time to pull myself together. I could feel her closeness despite having to be detached and professional. Incredible. As the sessions went on and on I was feeling the change inside of me. 

Renata made aware or reminded me that I am a fighter, and that I survived. All this time I have been a victim of my unresolved issues and this affected me and people around me, my choices and behaviours. With Renata I finally started to turn my life around, she helped me to turn my pain and weaknesses into my strength. These days I can still benefit from the months of therapy spent with her, I feel a new stronger woman, aware of who I am and determined to continue this way. It has been a totally unique experience and I can’t thank her enough. 

R (Confidential) after Counselling Therapy


I have always struggled with motivation to exercise and disliked most forms of exercise. I was doubtful that hypnotherapy would work but I was looking forward to it nonetheless.

I have found the whole process amazing and eye-opening. Talking through the issues has been helpful and therapeutical. Renata helped me to discover the link with exercise and my childhood, and explored my negative feeling towards exercise and learned behaviours associated with my childhood. Renata created my hypnotherapy treatment based on this and I found the treatment to be completely successful. I look at exercise in a different way now.

I feel much more freedom knowing that I enjoy exercise more and that I can achieve my goals of confidence, heightened self-esteem and weight loss and body toning with enjoyment. I feel like I am good at exercise now and I no longer feel self-conscious or embarrassed. It has given me energy and enrichment to my life.

L (Confidential) after Hypnotherapy

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