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Freely explore your feelings & emotions in a safe, supportive & nurturing space with a help of the psychotherapeutic counsellor

  • Do you feel like your mind is in a mess and you have no idea of how to help yourself anymore?
  • Is there a problem or event that making it hard for you to live your day to day life?
  • Do you feel like you need to talk to somebody who can understand you without preaching and judgment?

Build a positive & healthy view of yourself with a self-esteem expert

  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem or perhaps you feel like you have no healthy self-esteem at all?
  • Do you find hard to understand the cause of why you are feeling low and negative about yourself?
  • Do you find difficult to see yourself in a positive and appreciative way and need help in this area?

Be guided through the process of hypnosis to address a specific problem or challenge by a reputable hypnotherapist

  • Do you want to change a specific behaviour while you are in a relaxed state?
  • Are you looking for alternative ways of tackling your mind and would like to experience hypnosis?
  • Do you like to complement your counselling therapy with hypnotherapy in order to speed up the process of making positive changes in you and your life?

Boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself in a small group of like minded individuals

  • Do you feel like an improved perception of yourself is needed for you in order to have more enjoyable life?
  • Would you like to give yourself a good quality time for self-improvement in a supportive and relaxing environment with a cup of tea and cake?
  • Would you like to gain knowledge and learn techniques for developing and maintaining healthy self-esteem?

Here Is What My Clients Are Saying


When I started working with Renata I was a total mess, I had separated from my ex-husband and I felt totally lost. I was looking to get back to the person I was before I met him, I wanted to find who I really was. I had been part of a couple for so long I didn’t know who I was as an individual.

I had seen counsellors in the past through the NHS and through a work scheme and I felt like they didn’t understand me. I was worried that it would be the same again, but I never ever felt like that with Renata. In fact, sometimes I felt like she knew me better than I knew myself!

I was nervous the first few sessions, I’m somebody who takes time to build up trust of others. I had also built up my emotional walls over the years, they were so high that I was anxious about letting them down and showing any vulnerability. But Renata was very patient with me, she asked questions that helped ease information out of me and gave me the time I needed. I got to the point that I totally trusted Renata and she was the only person for a long time I felt comfortable talking to.

I came to the realisation that any version of me that came before was gone and trying to get back to that person was impossible. But that I could be a new version of myself, a totally fresh version of myself. I also understood that the process of dealing with depression and anxiety isn’t a straight forward one, it has ups and down and is an ongoing process. I am also working out how I can use my previous experience of mental health issues to help others. I plan to continue working with Renata to keep my mental health moving forward.

Renata, I can’t thank you enough for the support you gave me! You helped me find my way out of a thick fog of depression when I literally didn’t know which way to go.

S (confidential) after Counselling Therapy


Before we started to work together my life was very chaotic and my emotions were all over the place and I would often have feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem. By chance I found Renata. At first I was very apprehensive about therapy and speaking of my past. It’s safe to say I used to put other peoples feelings before my own and just give the impression that everything was ok. This was very far from the truth and often I was crying on the inside whilst smiling on the outside. I became the great pretender.

I think it is safe to say that I was anxious about what talking about myself and was worried what my feelings would unveil. I have always been scared to show my own emotions due to two past abusive relationships and abuse in my childhood.  As well as power struggles within my home.

Renata was amazing. She made me feel so at ease and just allowed me to speak. Some sessions were very emotional and often I was left totally drained. She asked me all the right questions and it was actually really lovely to speak about myself. Something I have never done in the past. She was kind and remained professional at all times, always making sure I was ok before I left her.

I will never forget a saying she taught me. ‘I am the captain of my own ship’. So simple but I think of it all the time. The best result is I have learned my feelings are important and if I am not happy I need to address this. I am eternally grateful for the therapy she provided and it has made such a difference to my life.

T (confidential) after Counselling Therapy

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